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Into the Breach: Preparing an Emergency Response to Data Security Incidents


Created on May 04, 2021





As you are reading this, a number of American institutions and businesses are having their data accessed by attackers who are up to no good. Those institutions and businesses are all located in states which have data privacy laws. What happens now, which laws apply, and what do those laws require?

This program will discuss what happens when data security incidents occur, and what is expected of the lawyer called into one of these incidents. Since these events are happening every day, they are going to happen to clients of yours, no matter your area of expertise. An understanding of what matters when these events occur will benefit any attorney working with business clients.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the cause and impact of a breach, and assess what data is at stake
  2. Analyze who is liable for an incident
  3. Protect your client and resolve the data breach

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