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Internet Advertising: Doing It Right and What Might Happen If You Don't

1h 5m

Created on June 26, 2018



Our parents always told us, "don't do anything halfway." That maxim could not be truer when it comes to advertising products and services online. Regulators scrutinize online advertising. The plaintiffs' class action bar scrutinizes online advertising. Everyone scrutinizes online advertising. With traditional television, radio, and paper media quickly being replaced by the Internet, it is even more important to cross all your t's and dot all your i's in advertising compliance. A number of legal issues – such as claims substantiation, auto-renewals and "free-to-pay" conversions, privacy policies and website terms and conditions, obtaining consumer consent to contact them, the use of endorsements, testimonials, and influencers, disclosures, crowdsourcing, restrictions on consumers leaving negative reviews, and website compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act – have formed the bases for recent regulatory enforcement and private litigation.

Join Venable LLP Advertising and Marketing Law, and Litigation attorneys, Daniel S. Blynn and Stephen R. Freeland, as they identify "hot" online advertising issues, and discuss how to advertise in a compliant way on the Internet and the potential repercussions if you don't.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify issues with online advertising, including new laws of which all advertisers should be aware
  2. Develop best practices to advertise in a compliant manner online and the consequences of not doing so
  3. Review real-world "wins" and "fails" in Internet advertising

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