International Reparations: The Quest to Reclaim Assets Stolen by the Nazis

Production Date: December 21, 2014 Practice Areas: International Law Estimated Length: 9966 minutes


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This CLE program covers a story of hope, faith, courage, struggle, teamwork, law, politics, history, government and war.  The unforgettable tale recounts how attorneys Paul Kerson, Joseph Yamaner, and their colleagues were able to fulfill their client’s dying wish to recover assets stolen from his family’s corporate empire in 1935 by the Nazis.  

The epic journey began in a local state court, inspired 56 similar cases in the United States, and caused the U.S. Treasury Department to step in to settle all Holocaust claims in the entire world with a $5 billion fund assembled from dozens of major German banks and corporations.  

The narrative involves most of the subjects of a standard American law school curriculum – trusts and estates, criminal law, civil procedure, constitutional law, international law, torts, contracts, property, administrative law, evidence, corporations, and commercial law. 

Don't miss this truly riveting CLE program that you will never forget!


Learning Objectives: 

  1. Grasp the issues in the lawsuit against Dresdner Bank in Queens Supreme Court
  2. Understand the issues and considerations of the lawsuit in Germany
  3. Know how the survey of properties in East Germany was handled
  4. Meet with Building Department Directors
  5. Comprehend Compensation
  6. Gain knowledge of the involvement of the U.S. Treasury Department
  7. Realize the conclusion of U.S. and German cases


This course originally appeared as a part of our December 2014 Bridge the Gap Event.

Zelma R.
Staten Island, NY

fantastic program

Bruce M.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Best CLE i have taken

Larry S.

Excellent presentation. Thank you.

Bert L.
Brooklyn, NY

Very interesting case...

Jonathan W.

Great information.

David S.
New York City, NY

What a great story. Thanks for sharing it in this format. Loved listening on the app!

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Honolulu, HI

Fun and engaging presentation.

Julie A. B.
Hiles, WI

Compelling. Fascinating. Gripping. Riveting.

Edward B.
Hanover, NH

great lecture and presentation

Robert K.
Eden Prairie, MN

these two represent the best of our profession

John G.
Chicago, IL

Fascinating story of a quest for justice

Lee H.
Arlinghton heights, IL

Fascinating story--talk about sticking with it to the end!!! And good inspiration for lawyers to take tough cases where justice can be done!!!

Kirk L.
New York, NY

Terrific lecture in terms of the presentation as well as the content. Inspirational fight for justice.

David N.
Westport, CT

Easily the best lecture ever. Very inspiring!!!

William C.
Oak Hill, VA

Heart-warming and enlightening!

Alexander S.
Frisco, TX

I really enjoyed this course, and I worked in this field for some time. These attorneys were excellent.

Edward K.
, TX

Outstanding presentation! Interesting interplay of so many areas of law! And reminds one powerfully of the good lawyers can and should do!!!!

Christina T.
New York, NY

The best CLE I have ever taken! The presenters are amazing lawyers who did the right thing.

Alexandra P.
Miami, FL

I was engrossed with the story behind the CLE. Amazed and very impressed with the presenters!

Ageliki K.
Bloomfield Hills, MI

Best CLE course I have ever taken.

Henry G.
Armonk, NY

Awesome one of a kind course!!!

William B.
Potomac, MD

Fascinating story that is not only inspiring but practically weaves multiple areas of law practice from the local, state, federal courts to foreign courts and international politics. The best three hours of CLE I can remember..

Shirley d.
Salem, OR

Wonderful, fascinating, grueling case, but what an opportunity to be involved in trying to right a historical wrong! If you love history, this lecture will hold you spellbound.

Randall S.
San Diego, CA

Outstanding story, great conclusioARY REMARKS

Anne D.
Honolulu, HI


pamela s.
Dothan, AL

Thanks to these lawyers, in the name of humanity and justice, for the work they did. You fellows made me proud to be a lawyer.

Dennis D.
Youngstown, OH

probably THE most interesting CLE I have ever seen!

Erica G.

One of the very best courses I've ever taken!

Alisa Y.
New York, NY

The speakers and presentation were excellent. Extremely informative and very engaging.

Washington, DC


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This was the best CLE I watched on lawline. Very good stuff.

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Gregory G.
., AL


Helaine A.
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

This was the best CLE I have ever heard or attended in 32 years. It was a legal and history lesson. Something all should hear.

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Wonderful - I had goosebumps from the start.

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White Plains, NY

Terrific. Informative andan example of how law should be practiced.

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That was by far the most engaging CLE I've seen. It would be fantastic if Lawline offered more courses in which experienced lawyers told the stories of their most challenging/inspiring cases.

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Wayne, IL

Fascinating - inspirational - riveting story with a powerful message

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One of the most interesting presentations I have ever seen!

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Inver Grove Heights, MN

One of the best CLE's I've ever seen/attended.

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Excellent and riveting presentation. Probably the best CLE I have ever attended. What an inspiring story!

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Deerfield, IL

Very engaging!

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New York, NY

Extraordinary experience listening to this course. Nothing like it.

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Here is an example of a noble profession and those who believe in it.... Truely motivating!

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Excellent! Such an interesting case and presented in a very compelling way.

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I was captivated from beginning to end. The nearly 3 hours of time went by so quickly. The best part was not just the legal information but also the motivational nature of the CLE. It makes the solo practitioner feel like they are not alone in the fight

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Brooklyn, NY

Absolutely fantastic. The lawyers are so commendable for all the hard work and tenacity. They didn't give up!

Stuart G.
Ridgewood, NY

An extremely informative and motivating lecture that has made it imperative that I try to do something for halocaust survivors who had property taken away from them by the Nazi's in Poland.

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One of the best CLEs I've ever taken

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Fabulous, inspiring!

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very intersting ---i am jewish and my grandparents came from eastern europe --but before ww2.