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International Child Custody & Abduction


Created on October 20, 2017




International child custody and abduction cases are hard. They are also important, stimulating and challenging. In this program, attorney Jeremy Morley will delve into this complex topic.

Some of the issues to be discussed include: Which law applies? Are foreign custody orders enforceable? How to prevent a potential abduction? How to recover a child from a non-Hague country? How does the Hague Abduction Convention work in the U.S.? Should you proceed instead under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction & Enforcement Act? What if the foreign law violates human rights?

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Explain the international aspects of international child relocation cases
  2. Explain how to authorize and oppose child visits to foreign countries
  3. Provide an overview of methods and tactics to recover children who have been abducted overseas
  4. Provide a substantive and tactical overview of the Hague Abduction Convention and the UCCJEA in respect of the recovery of children who have been abducted into the United States

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