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International Child Custody & Abduction

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Produced on October 20, 2017

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Course Information

Time 1h
Difficulty Intermediate
Topics covered in this course: Family & Matrimonial International

Course Description

International child custody and abduction cases are hard. They are also important, stimulating and challenging. In this program, attorney Jeremy Morley will delve into this complex topic.

Some of the issues to be discussed include: Which law applies? Are foreign custody orders enforceable? How to prevent a potential abduction? How to recover a child from a non-Hague country? How does the Hague Abduction Convention work in the U.S.? Should you proceed instead under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction & Enforcement Act? What if the foreign law violates human rights?

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Explain the international aspects of international child relocation cases
  2. Explain how to authorize and oppose child visits to foreign countries
  3. Provide an overview of methods and tactics to recover children who have been abducted overseas
  4. Provide a substantive and tactical overview of the Hague Abduction Convention and the UCCJEA in respect of the recovery of children who have been abducted into the United States

Note: This course is approved for GAL for children in Virginia. If you would like a GAL certificate, please email our Customer Support team after completing the course.

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Jeremy Morley

The Law Office of Jeremy D. Morley

Jeremy Morley is one of the world’s leading international family lawyers. He works with clients around the world from New York, with a global network of local counsel.

Jeremy is the author of "International Family Law Practice," the leading treatise on international family law in the United States. He is also the author of “The Hague Abduction Convention: Practical issues and Procedures for Family Lawyers.” He is the former co-chair of the International Family Law Committee of the International Law Section of the ABA. He is a member of the International Academy of Family Lawyers.

He was born in Manchester, England and has taught in law schools in the United States, Cana da and England.

Jeremy frequently lectures on international family law topics to the judiciary, bar associations and others. Mr. Morley is frequently asked to appear as an expert witness on international child abduction prevention and recovery issues. Mr. Morley has been a frequent guest on television and radio shows on the topic of international child abduction and international divorce law and has been featured in the print media on numerous occasions.


Richard C.

Excellent program. Thank you very much.

Mia V.

Thank you. Very good information.

Lauren M.

Excellent and detailed presentation.

Lauren C.


Daniel J S.

this lecture was excellent

Anastasia K.

Great speaker

Eric N.


Sheila D.

The presenter really knew his stuff. It compares well with CA laws and our application of the Hague. Thank you.

Michael R.

This was a great intro course for international child adoption.

Wendy H.

I thought the speaker was very good. I have not had to deal with this topic yet in my practice but I found the topic interesting and a lot of my clients have had these concerns which is why I wanted to listen to the presentation. I believe this gave me a good basic knowledge to work from. Thank you.

Kathy G.

excellent presentation

Paula N.

Fascinating discussion.

Charlyn D.

Thanks, great info!

Mark B.

Great seminar!

Kim G.

I have not encountered a matter which involved the Hague Convention but this was very informative in case i ever do encounter a situation such as the professor/attorney described in the webinar.

Martin K.

Outstanding! Thank you.

Andrew B.

Very interesting subject, wish their was more time.

Eric P.

Well done.

Stephen K.

Very interesting course and well presented.

Tara L.

Great class

Lynn B.


Cathy L.

speaker was really good and made it interesting

Joseph C.

The instructor and course material were both very interesting.


The speaker made avery complicated and evolving area of law very clear. He is an outstanding speaker.

Darlene D.

This is a very timely CLE as the world has grown so much smaller. The advice regarding obtaining "mirror court orders/child custody agreements" filed prior to any travel abroad with children is advice that seems likely to go a long way in heading off problems.

Antoine M.

Very good instruction on important topic

William L.

Absolutely one of the best CLEs

Wendy Y.

Very interesting very good speaker

Marva B.

Very informative course

R. Christopher R.

Fascinating Seminar

Matthew D.

This is a very interesting and useful lecture.

John M.

Very knowledgeable on a complex area

Mary F W.

Extremely interesting. Presenter had very effective style.

Cathleen W.

Good information on a complicated subject.

Lisa C.

Very fascinating. Thank you

John E D.

superb lecture by Jeremy - thanks

Beth H.

Thoroughly enjoyed. Fascinating area.

Lee H.

Excellent course. One of the best presenters I’ve seen.

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