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Intellectual Property Basics for Non-IP Lawyers

1h 1m

Created on May 03, 2018




The world of intellectual property is a practice area for which many clients seek legal advice. From patents to copyright to trademark to trade secrets, the issues can be complex and daunting. Many solo practitioners or members of small firms will get contacted by clients for general advice and consultation in these areas. Focusing predominantly on copyright and trademarks, the course will help orient lawyers who don't have a working knowledge or practical experience in IP. The program will also help them learn basic IP issues and terminology so that they can at least understand their prospective client's questions, in order to know what to look out for and how to move forward.

Join Oscar Michelen, a New York litigator who has helped numerous established businesses, start-ups, and individuals develop and protect their intellectual property. Mr. Michelen will take you through what you should know to ask the right questions of clients and spot issues, as well as to perhaps begin trying to develop your own IP practice.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discern what intellectual property rights are and how they differ
  2. Examine basic legal issues surrounding copyright law
  3. Discuss common issues that arise surrounding trademarks, trade dress, and trade secrets
  4. Identify what advice and assistance lawyers can provide to clients even if they are not IP practitioners

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