Integrating Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Provisions in Your IP Licenses and Commercial Agreements

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Produced on: October 25, 2017

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Time 91 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

It is difficult to discuss intellectual property and information technology transactions without also discussing cybersecurity and data protection. From simple agreements to complex transactions, whether negotiating a $20K cloud services agreement or a $200M strategic acquisition, practitioners must be prepared to identify cybersecurity risks and negotiate appropriate privacy and data protection provisions in their agreements. Advances in technology mean that a more sophisticated legal analysis is required to further protect clients from first and third party cyber-risks.

This course, taught by Baker & Hostetler attorney Lavonne Burke Hopkins, provides a brief overview of the cybersecurity frameworks and data protection laws most relevant to commercial and technology transactions, and discusses suggested provisions to include in software license and IT agreements, cloud service agreements, outsourcing agreements and stock purchase and contribution agreements. The course will also briefly discuss the challenges associated with negotiating agreements for Internet of Things (IoT) products and services and those unique risks.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand the data protection laws most relevant to commercial and technology transactions
  2. Identify the appropriate privacy and data protection provisions, representations, warranties, and covenants to include in transactional documents
  3. Discuss the unique challenges associated with negotiating agreements for IoT products and services


Lavonne Burke Hopkins

Johnson & Johnson

Lavonne Hopkins represents clients across numerous industries on complex data privacy and cybersecurity matters. She regularly advises companies of all sizes on the creation, development and implementation of global privacy and security policies; cybersecurity and data privacy strategies; and end-user license agreements and terms of use. Her practice additionally focuses on commercial and technology transactions, in the context of intellectual property monetization, mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, strategic licensing and investments.

Lavonne also assists companies in performing due diligence in connection with the acquisition and divestiture of intellectual property assets and related entities, along with preparing, drafting and negotiating agreements relating to such transactions. She has significant experience negotiating outsourcing, software and information technology agreements as well as providing strategic guidance in the creation, acquisition, use, commercial exploitation and protection of intellectual property and technology for risk mitigation. A pragmatic advocate, Lavonne stays abreast of the ever-changing technology landscape and the cybersecurity and data privacy issues her clients face. 



learend so many new things- thank u

Ted G.


Michael B.

Valuable information for consideration.

Lola D.

This attorney broke down meaty meaty material into digestible chunks. She was excellent.

Adam N.

This was a good one - very practical advice!

Joanna S.

Insightful, practical and relevant. Everything she discussed applies to a lot of areas today.

William M.

good odd subject

Gregg M.

Excellent overview of the very important topic

Daniel K.

Really informative!

Margaret P.


Cliff T.

Superb presentation. Thank you.

Stephen K.

One of the best programs I’ve listened to. She was great.

Stephen P.

Great speaker! She was very knowledgeable about the subject matter, and she presented the material in an easily understandable way.

John H.

Ms. Hopkins provided a lot of helpful information in a short period of time to someone like me who does not deal with cybersecurity issues as part of their practice but has a need to know about it.

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