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Insuring AI Risks: From Cybersecurity to Management Liability and Beyond

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In today's digitally driven world, the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity and management liability risks, and insurance policies present a complex legal landscape - especially for directors and officers. This course delves into the multifaceted implications of AI on corporate decision-making related to risk management and insurance coverage.

In this program, Latosha M. Ellis and Michael S. Levine will:

  1. Assess Risks Posed by AI by discussing the expanding use of AI and the evolving threat landscape and challenges directors and officers need to understand when making corporate decisions about ensuring AI-related risks;

  2. Examine Insurance Coverage by evaluating the adequacy of traditional insurance policies, including cyber insurance and management liability coverage, by analyzing key policy provisions related to coverage scope, exclusions, and limitations and exploring emerging insurance products tailored to address AI-specific cybersecurity concerns;

  3. Analyze Practical Insights from AI-related cases and scenarios illustrating the potential intersection of AI, cybersecurity risks, and insurance claims; and

  4. Explore Ethical Considerations and Professional Responsibilities associated with advising clients, including directors and officers, on AI-driven cybersecurity matters.

  5. Whether you're an attorney, cybersecurity professional, risk manager, or corporate counsel, this course will provide essential guidance for navigating the legal complexities of AI's impact on cybersecurity risks and insurance coverage

Learning Objectives:
  1. Develop effective strategies for understanding the adequacy of insurance coverage for AI-related risks negotiating favorable terms and maximizing insurance protection in AI-driven environments
  2. Discuss general knowledge and strategies to effectively address and mitigate AI-related cybersecurity and AI-related management liabilities
  3. Gain practical insight into navigating complex insurance disputes related to AI and cybersecurity incidents
  4. Review best practices for ensuring transparency, accountability, and ethical use of AI technologies in cybersecurity contexts

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