Insurance Issues for Transgender Persons

Production Date: April 15, 2015 Practice Areas: Insurance Law, Constitutional Law, and Public Interest Law Estimated Length: 3705 minutes


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In recent years, the federal government and a handful of state insurance commissioners have taken steps to prohibit discrimination, including transgender exclusions, in private health insurance. Though these developments have been widely celebrated within the community, few trans people are actually reaping the benefits. Join attorneys Jillian Weiss and Ezra Young as they examine the evolving landscape of private transgender health insurance coverage in the United States. 


Learning Objectives:

I.    Recognize transgender health care needs 

II.   Understand the evolving landscape of trans insurance protections at the state and federal level 

III.  Identify key strategies for addressing trans-specific exclusions in private insurance

Mona H.
Washington, DC

Very glad to see that a course on transgender issues was available for CA's elimination of bias requirement - thank you!

Vasiliki N.
Lake Oswego, OR

Emerging and specialized area of law. Enjoyed learning about it.

Kevin B.
Lone Tree, CO

One of the best I've listened to! Practical and great to hear the practitioners clear dedication to their clients and the law!

Kimberly S.
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I work in the heath care space as well and greatly appreciated this CLE. Thank you!

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very interesting at the end with the part re kids.

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Good course

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I liked the Q-A format.

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Excellent and unusual topic.

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Highly recommend!

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This was a great class on emerging law. The instructors were knowledgeable and provided good resources.

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Well done

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Timely subject.

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Very good. Speakers were very engaging. They challenged the listeners to think proactively about their clients' needs.

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Excellent presentation.

Daniel H.
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As someone who is involved in representing insureds with claims, this was a very informative CLE - on an issue that is coming to the forefront.

Carrie D.
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Excellent, full of practical tips and how to help clients navigate insurance issues.

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Debbie S.

Very interesting topic which provides helpful guidance and strategies for in dealing with health insurance denials in general

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thank you, so informative.

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I knew nothing about this topic - very interesting.

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Very timely topic. Even if you don't practice in insurance or civil rights, this information is good to know.

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Excellent, timely and especially perspective expanding.

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Glad Lawline is covering this important emerging topic!

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this is not my area of practice but I was interested in learning about a new area - it was one of the best presentations I've heard - concise, very practical, informative, well-organized, kept it interesting and the speakers were very knowledgeable. Wish

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A rare insight into a complex legal issue, delivered by two experts who know their stuff.

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Extremely interesting.

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Thoughtful and sensitive presenters. Well informed, too!

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