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Indemnification to Mediation: Ethical Issues Arising From a Modest Aviation Accident

1h 31m

Created on November 09, 2017




A towed aircraft breaks free at the airport and smashes into another aircraft in the process of loading passengers. Property damage and personal injuries ensue. Plaintiffs retain counsel and various defendants jockey for position, tendering defenses to and from the other.  

This interactive, role playing panel, moderated by Frederick Alimonti and featuring distinguished aviation litigators, will grapple with ethical dilemmas and try to do "do the right thing" from retention, all the way through a hypothetical mediation.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify legal ethical issues and solutions when indemnities call upon counsel to represent more than one party
  2. Examine scope of privilege and risks of conflicts when representing multiple defendants
  3. Review ethical considerations and prohibitions on withholding and then "doctoring" evidence
  4. Address the issues of mediation - when does a mediator go too far in "brokering" a settlement?

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