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In-House Counsel's Guide to Insurance: A Powerful Tool

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Produced on March 12, 2020

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Course Information

Time 65 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

Course Description

Insurance is often overlooked by business owners, relegating it to a budgetary line item unworthy of much attention. But insurance policies and provisions can be a powerful tool, with the ability to provide a boost to an already strong opportunity, or ease the blow of a catastrophic disaster and keep the company alive following an unsuccessful venture. 

This program, presented by Todd Kulkin, will provide in-house attorneys and other corporate counsel with an in-depth understanding of how to leverage insurance to find opportunities, mitigate risk, and defend their client’s bottom line.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the nature and bounds of insurable risks
  2. Determine the types of insurance products available to a corporation, what they do, and what they don’t do
  3. Navigate the somewhat esoteric insurance regulatory schemes from state-to-state
  4. Issue spot coverage problems in an insurance policy
  5. Use financial guarantee insurance to boost your client’s ability to finance projects and other opportunities
  6. Decrease your client’s insurance costs by delving into the mind of an insurance underwriter 

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Todd Kulkin

Law Offices of Todd Kulkin

Todd Kulkin specializes in providing legal advice to small/medium sized businesses, start-ups, and non-for-profit organizations. He started his legal career at a large New York law firm. While working for that firm, his time was split between two practice areas: general liability defense and providing corporate and regulatory advice to major corporations. He uses his experience as a civil defense litigator to advise clients about their liability posture and how to mitigate. He left the firm to start his own practice in 2012 and, since then, has expanded his expertise to intellectual property and socially responsible entrepreneurship. Todd graduated with Honors from Brandeis University and with a J.D. in Financial Transactions from University at Buffalo (SUNY) School of Law.

An animal lover, Todd sits as Director of Corporate Relations for Mighty Mutts & Meows: a no-kill, 501c3, all volunteer animal rescue organization in New York City.



Jose C.

This guy makes insurance so interesting

Mark B.

Good coverage.

marc w.

very good information

Vanessa A.

This course was extremely good. Very helpful.

Nessia K.

best presenter i have ever seen

Daniel G.

Instructor did very well. Humble pleasant fellow, who clearly knows this area.

Diana K.

Reviewing current insurance program, provide working knowledge to effectively perform review. Thanks!

Stuart S.

Great presentation

Michelle I.

Thank you!

Carla K.


Karen M.

Fantastic overview of insurance for in-house counsel. Would love for Todd to do a course that follows on with more in-depth info.


Great speaker - Hope to see him present other insurance industry topics.

Irwin M.

The speaker did a very good job.

Andrew B.

Very good information.

Diana S.

Great presenter!

Dennis K.

Super friendly , clearly in command of the subject, and great presentation.

Beverly R.

very good presentation for a somewhat dry subject

Bonnie M.

Informative course.

David S.

The substance and presentation were excellent.

David M.

Good general presentation

Morse G.

This lecturer is simply great!

Stephen B.

The overview of the options and policies was very informative

Ingrid S.

Interesting — well designed and informative

Travis C.

Provides an excellent overview of insurance for legal professionals who are new to the industry and work for an insurer, broker or insured.

Elissa B.

very informative

Meggan Z.

Very Informative.

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