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In-House Counsel's Guide to Insurance: A Powerful Tool

1h 5m

Created on March 12, 2020





Insurance is often overlooked by business owners, relegating it to a budgetary line item unworthy of much attention. But insurance policies and provisions can be a powerful tool, with the ability to provide a boost to an already strong opportunity, or ease the blow of a catastrophic disaster and keep the company alive following an unsuccessful venture. 

This program, presented by Todd Kulkin, will provide in-house attorneys and other corporate counsel with an in-depth understanding of how to leverage insurance to find opportunities, mitigate risk, and defend their client's bottom line.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the nature and bounds of insurable risks
  2. Determine the types of insurance products available to a corporation, what they do, and what they don't do
  3. Navigate the somewhat esoteric insurance regulatory schemes from state-to-state
  4. Issue spot coverage problems in an insurance policy
  5. Use financial guarantee insurance to boost your client's ability to finance projects and other opportunities
  6. Decrease your client's insurance costs by delving into the mind of an insurance underwriter 

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