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Improve Your Law Firm's Responsiveness: Potential Clients & Client Intake

1h 3m

Created on September 25, 2018




Is your law firm's system for responding to potential clients in need of an overhaul? In this session, presented by Maddy Martin of Smith.ai and Ian Connett of QuantumJurist, you will learn how to combine tools within your legal practice management and calendaring software to capture, qualify, and convert leads into new clients. You'll receive examples of the best lead-qualification questions, lead-intake forms, and a "playbook" for automating the entire process from lead capture to new-client intake. You'll also learn how to outsource most of the workflow to virtual receptionists to save your firm time and money.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore the optimal workflow for new client intake using your CRM, CMS, and calendaring software
  2. Identify how to automate referrals to other law practices
  3. Examine the best lead-qualification questions and how to standardize and outsource them
  4. Discuss the use of virtual receptionists to improve your law firm's responsiveness

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