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Important Considerations for Lawyers Serving on Nonprofit Boards

1h 1m

Created on April 04, 2018




As a lawyer, it's likely that you've been asked to serve on a non-profit board (or will be asked soon). Lawyers can bring valuable skills to board service and offer a different perspective based on their experience in issue spotting and risk management. However, it's important that you and the non-profit organization are on the same page regarding your obligations as a board member and how those obligations differ from serving as legal counsel to the organization.

Join Katherine Morgan Breslin, Esq., an attorney focusing on tax-exempt and non-profit organizations, for a discussion regarding the role of lawyers on non-profit boards.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain an overview of the charitable sector
  2. Identify potential liability and available protections
  3. Examine the fiduciary duties of directors
  4. Explore special considerations for lawyers
  5. Consider recommendations for protecting the organization and its directors

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