Implicit Bias: The Bias You Didn't Know You Have...But You Do

Production Date: May 23, 2016 Practice Areas: Ethics Estimated Length: 3617 minutes


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As lawyers, we pride ourselves on objectivity. We find it hard to accept that our unconscious biases could possibly contribute to our decision-making, let alone the attrition rates of minority and female lawyers in the work place and that bias plays any role in our interactions with diverse attorneys. We are certainly too enlightened for that. But research has shown that everyone has biases; it is just a part of who we are.  

The good news is that while our initial hard-wired responses are quick and more likely to be error-prone, research and experience also has shown that we we can activate a secondary, detailed processing system that can help us correct mistakes. We can teach ourselves to recognize our unconscious biases and, in essence, override them.   

This course, presented by Alita Wingfield of Morgan Stanley and Debra Rosen and Stella Tsai of Archer & Greiner, PC, will review the latest research and science about implicit bias, the effect of implicit bias in the legal profession and the judiciary, and practical measures for self-assessment and mitigation of implicit bias in the workplace. 


Learning Objectives:

I.     Understand the scientific foundations for implicit biases

II.    Recognize the effect in the work place if those biases remain unchecked

III.   Survey the historical impact of implicit bias in judicial decisions

IV.   Identify best practices for mitigating bias

V.    Incorporate best practices for promoting diversity and inclusion in the legal profession


Andrea Kelli H.
White Plains, NY

Excellent program! Thank you Lawline for including this topic, "implicit bias" in your library of offerings. The panel provided substantive information, shared relevant comments, and addressed a topic that some would not feel comfortable discussing. Thanks for the "di-biasing" tips and best practices to use moving forward.

Phillip H.
Rochester, NY

Very well done.

Bennett W.
New York, NY

Great Panel!

James J.
Broomfield, CO

Liked the Clinton-Kimmel clip illustrating manspaling

Sam M.
Macon, GA

Good program.

Kristin M.
Torrance, CA

great discussion -- it left me thinking about so much more than the "traditional" biases often discussed. thanks for introducing me to the implicit association test. fascinating!

Michael S.
Brooklyn, NY

Great course on a very important topic. This should be mandatory viewing for everyone.

Katrenia G.
Alpharetta, GA

Definitely worth viewing. Shocked at the memo study. Wow.

Bruce M.
Roseville, CA

Very, very good. Ms. Wingfield's comments were incredibly insightful and useful.

Eva C.
Ridgefield, CT

Thought this was an important and engaging topic.

Sophia C.

Interesting, engaging, and fun to watch

K. Jaak R.
Bogota, NJ

Entertaining at times. Some useful pointers were made, but on the whole there was little useful legal content.

Dennis G.
Carlton, MN

Excellent information that applys beyond the office! I really enjoy the panel presentations!

Kelly W.
Kirkland, WA

Great real world examples of implicit bias.

Brad N.
Bend, OR


Adrienne L.
Corte madera, CA

Interesting research. Everyone should take this course.

Sheila S.
Hollywood, FL

The course was easy to understand and basic, but also thought provoking.

Hubert H.
Chattanooga, TN

Good program with good lessons about guarding against those biases we are often unaware of.

george h.
Crawfordville, FL

The presentation was sufficient, and the participants appeared knowledgible in their respective roles.

Mary Ellen F.
Atlanta, GA

Great Speaker .. Good Presentation !

James H.
Palo Alto, CA

enjoyable format and presenters

William B.
Alpharetta, GA

Thank you, great program.

Wiliam R.
bethlehem, PA

Excellent interplay among faculty. I now strongly believe in the notion of "implicit bias" and the need for diversity inclusion.

Alizon S.
Evanston, IL


Neil G. W.
Chicago, IL

I'd like to congratulate this panel for being diverse, inclusive, and interesting.

Marc P.
Longmont, CO

Best stmt - get out of your comfort zone

Joy A.
Cliffwood, NJ

Great content and great presenters. I particularly liked that the presenters talked about their own experiences including sharing knowledge of their own implicit biases.

Harvey C.
Waco, TX

Excellent presentation

Charles W.
Houston, TX

Good Program

alexandra Q.
Georgetown, ME

one of the more interesting and engaging classes i've taken recently.

richard z.
Brooklyn, NY

The best program this cycle.

Gayatry N.
Plano, TX

Being a minority woman, this course was especially applicable to me and the challenges that I face. I am glad I watched it.

Edward P.
Lake Barrington, IL

This was an interesting course that made you think.

David A.
San Diego, CA

Loved the Hillary video

Caroline R.
Beverly Hills, CA

Liked that this was a candid but constructive conversation between intelligent professional women who were willing to reflect on the more subtle ways bias arises, which is exactly what's needed to begin productive problem solving.

Stephanie O.
Oakland, CA

Excellent program - one of the best I've seen on Elimination of Bias. Panel format kept things lively and allowed for different perspectives on the issues.

S.A. M.
Atlanta, GA


Amy P.
Palo Alto, CA

I really loved this program!

Candace M.
Westwego, LA

Good subject. I learned a lot.

Joseph T.
Pasadena, CA


Joanne W.
Oakland, CA

This was a great course. I think all judges and lawyers should take this course.

Chapel Hill, NC

I liked the part about bias over school pedigree.

Kimberly T.
Los Angeles, CA

Absolutely awesome. Every attorney/employer needs to watch this! Awesome job ladies!

Joyce W.
Kentfield, CA

Very informative and interesting!

Arthur O.
Daly City, CA

Another course that met my need.

Joshua W.
Sacramento, CA

Great program.

Todd C.
Taipei, na

Great topic (implicit bias instead of bias in general) and more interesting than most courses on this subject.

Paul R.
Moraga, CA

Terrific panel, thank you

Gene T.

Engaging speakers, strong content.

Lance T.
Sunnyvale, CA

Great panel and discussion

Laurie B.
Seattle, WA

Really interesting!

Katherine T.
San Mateo, CA

great presentation and topic worthy of coverage

Cynthia M.
Knoxville, TN

Engaging discussion and insights. Thank you.

Sabrina G.
Queens, NY

Excellent presentation!

Steven W.
Squaw Valley, CA

Good use of Kimmel

G. Christine P.
Minneapolis, MN

Fabulous program! I highly recommend for anyone who works anywhere, but especially for people in the legal field where it is all too easy to avoid even thinking about diversity and inclusion.

Diane I.
New York, NY

I thought this was not only an excellent course, but completely fascinating. Would love to see/hear more on this topic.

Carl S.
Cerritos, CA

great - made me more aware of the possibilities of unknown biases.

Dorrie W.
Modesto, CA

We cannot be reminded often enough to look inside our own thought processes for implicit bias It is human, and we all do it. Awareness is so important, and this panel did a great job!

Sonja A.
Los Angeles, CA

Excellent faculty panel! Candid and engaging discussion of implicit/unconscious bias -- a topic relevant to all. Understanding our biases, whether preferential or unfavorable, better equips us to reflect on how unintentional factors may impact our decisions in the workplace and elsewhere.

new york, NY


Hamburg, NY

Interesting & well done.

James D.
Chicago, IL

Very important topic handled with sensitivity and optimism.

Saint Paul, MN

Convincing content, swell presented. Far better than most Lawlines!

Kelsey O.
New York, NY

This was a great CLE. Thank you.

Constance H.
Penfield, NY

This is THE best CLE I have taken. It should be mandatory for all attorneys. Outstanding!

Janine W.
Wildwood, MO

This is a very thought provoking course.

Jane G.
Los Angeles, CA

Very funny clip from Kimmel Show on the phenomenon of "man speak"

Kenneth F.
Houston, TX

Solid, entertaining and relevant discussion, interesting throughout.

Belinda S.
Eureka, IL

Very good.

Gwen I.
Lake Forest, CA

Very good program. Strong panel--good exchanges among panelists. Thought-provoking...

lisa h.
evanston, IL

So interesting.

Amy H.
Chicago, IL

fantastic and eye-opening

Scott K.
Arlington, VA

An important topic that was well presented.

Stacey T.
Chicago, IL

Very interesting viewpoints.

Greg G.
San Jose, CA


Mark B.
Oak Park, IL

Interesting and entertaining. The best ethics course on bias.

Kathleen M.

Hillary Clinton on late night was great addition

Carol O.
Park Ridge, IL

Excellent program. Very important subject. Ideas that were brought out were very illuminating.

Jeanette taylor J.
Bluffton, SC

Both the content and presenters were super excellent. I would like more courses with these presenters.