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Immigration Strategies for Investors & Entrepreneurs

1h 2m

Created on October 11, 2018



In recent years, the United States legal system has regularly fluctuated in its approach to providing pathways to foreign nationals seeking to invest and develop new businesses and other enterprises within the U.S. At the same moment, that these options have become increasingly sought after. The changing priorities and levels of scrutiny, combined with increased demand, provide a strong incentive for attorneys to more closely examine the various legal immigration pathways for foreign investors and entrepreneurs.  

This course, led by attorney Matthew Blaisdell, will provide an overview of the most common, and a few of the often-overlooked, options for clients seeking to launch and develop businesses and other projects in the United States, while providing the practical information you will need to help guide your clients to the option that is most appropriate for their circumstances. Please note that this course will not focus on the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program, as such would be more appropriate for a separate course.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the most common mechanisms available under U.S. immigration law to assist foreign nationals to invest in and launch enterprises in the United States
  2. Explore less conventional options to assist clients in achieving these objectives as quickly as possible
  3. Break down the nuances attendant to each visa in order to provide practical and timely advice to foreign national clients seeking to launch and develop their enterprises

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