Immigration Law for the Non-Immigration Attorney

Production Date: March 10, 2017 Practice Areas: Immigration Law Estimated Length: 5417 minutes


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Immigration law is very complex and very difficult, even for attorneys who practice it on a daily basis. This seminar serves as an introductory outline to immigration law for practitioners in other legal areas. This program, taught by immigration attorney Anthony Guidice, will provide a basic primer and will discuss the following: key concepts in immigration law, the agencies that administer it, the sources of law and “gray-area” law, and the options and procedures available to foreign nationals.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Review the federal sources that govern immigration law
  2. Understand the roles of the federal agencies that administer immigration law
  3. Comprehend the various immigrant classifications for permanent and temporary residents
  4. Discuss key concepts in immigration law such as inadmissibility and deportability
  5. Examine the role of the courts in immigration law
  6. Explore the interaction between immigration law and criminal law
Andrea R.
East Islip, NY

Wonderful nuts and bolts presentation! Enjoyed this speaker.

Douglas F.
Jupiter, FL

Excellent presentation. Hope there are more with this speaker on immigration.

anna s.
boca raton, FL

Presenter was very patient.

Lou Ann B.
San Francisco, CA

Very good outline.

Jennifer B.
Shawnee, KS

Very entertaining informative and not too nuanced

Chelsea J.
Fairburn, GA

Mr. Guidice has a ton of personality! I am eager to download any other segment with a professional like him.

Amy K.
Moorestown, NJ

Mr. Guidice was very knowledgeable and the materials and his lecture were easy to follow. I highly recommend!

David W.
Liberty, MO

Very informative

Cecil F.
Jersey City, NJ

very good speaker and very informative

Julie A. B.
Hiles, WI

Succinct, practical, useful.