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Immigration for Sports & Entertainment Part II (Update)

1h 5m

Created on October 26, 2017



In Part II of his updated programs on immigration for Sports & Entertainment, Michael Cataliotti, a New York City-based business immigration and entertainment attorney, examines sports immigration in greater detail, dives a bit deeper into some of the nuances of entertainment immigration, and touches upon those visas not previously discussed, but worth considering. Special attention will be paid to current trends, future projections, and what the climate is like in the immigration world for both sports and entertainment industries.

As in Part I, Michael provides insight into the type of clients the practitioner can expect to encounter, as well as considerations unique to certain industries of performance and play. The course also includes tips and considerations for both the private practitioner and in-house counsel with a particular focus on current trends and future projections.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify current trends in business immigration
  2. Discuss additional visa classifications applicable to the sports and entertainment industries
  3. Address practice tips for the private practitioner and in-house counsel  
  4. Discuss critical considerations related to specific industries

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