Immigration for Sports & Entertainment Part I (Update)

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Produced on: October 23, 2017

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Time 63 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

In 2015, there was rarely any discussion about business immigration. That has changed significantly. In a mere thirty months, we have had an array of headlines about walls, deportations, legalizing, expanding, and the like with respect to immigration matters. However, what has not changed is that there is an even more nuanced subsection of business immigration that is still rarely touched upon: sports and entertainment immigration.

In this updated course, Michael Cataliotti, a New York City-based business immigration and entertainment attorney, introduces you to sports and entertainment immigration, that fun-filled world in which international artists, musicians, athletes, and entrepreneurs seek to enter the United States. Beginning by presenting an overview of sports and entertainment immigration, Michael then transitions into the most frequently utilized nonimmigrant visa classifications, ultimately taking each one up individually.

A visa must be appropriate for both the petitioner and beneficiary, and so the type of clients the practitioner can expect to encounter is discussed, as well as considerations unique to certain industries the practitioner may encounter. This course also provides updated tips and considerations for both the private practitioner and in-house counsel.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define business immigration
  2. Identify the necessary parties and with whom there is an attorney/client relationship
  3. Understand the visa classifications applicable to the sports and entertainment industries
  4. Recognize which classifications will be most suitable to a client’s needs 
  5. Address more nuanced considerations related to specific industries


Michael Cataliotti

Cataliotti Law P.C

Michael Cataliotti is the Principal of Cataliotti Law P.C., a law firm specializing in business immigration, entertainment transactions, and corporate governance for U.S. startups and expansions. Based in New York City, he advises individuals and companies from such industries as sports, music, fashion, film, television, art, theatre, digital media, literature, and food and beverage. In addition to working directly with petitioners, beneficiaries, and applicants, Michael is also frequently contacted by other attorneys for his advice and counsel on the best immigration option(s) available for a particular client. He is a regular contributor to the New York State Bar Association's Entertainment, Arts, and Sports Law Journal, a frequent speaker on the topics of sports and entertainment immigration, a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), and an active supporter of immigration reform.


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He was very good.

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Good presentation and an interesting topic

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Great course!

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So happy to hear specific commentary regarding dancers!

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The Best

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that was excellent course and the attorney professor had a great sense of humor

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Great speaker!

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