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Immigration Consequences of Criminal Activity

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Produced on October 17, 2017

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Course Information

Time 1h 2m
Difficulty Advanced
Topics covered in this course: Criminal Immigration Public Interest

Course Description

Immigration is an area of practice with very high levels of complexity and consequences, and in no part of that practice is this more evident than when analyzing and responding to the collateral immigration consequences of criminal activity. 
Criminal defense attorneys must be able to foresee the potential consequences to any client who is not a U.S. citizen. Will potential pleadings or sentences put their client on the radar of ICE? What will be the likelihood of the client becoming subject to ICE detention? Will the client become inadmissible to or deportable from the U.S.? How will the client’s potential immigration claims be affected—both affirmative and/or defensive? Will the client be able to safely travel? And what do all of these terms mean? Similarly, immigration attorneys must know how to apply the same analysis on their end in order to be able to outline all of the potential scenarios applicable, and the risks and benefits attendant to each in order to effectively represent clients who have been charged with criminal activity in their cases before the U.S. Department of Homeland Security or the Immigration Courts. 
This course, led by attorneys Matthew Blaisdell and Joshua Paulson, will provide an overview of the main immigration consequences of criminal activity, explain what both criminal defense attorneys and immigration attorneys should look for and how to proceed.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the requirements that Padilla v. Kentucky places on criminal defense attorneys in advising clients of potential immigration consequences
  2. Explore fundamental concepts such as “status,” “inadmissibility,” “removability,” and “conviction”
  3. Identify both the categories of immigration consequences of criminal activity and the bars to relief that may flow from criminal activity
  4. Understand how to look for immigration consequences during an intake, how to identify potential pitfalls regarding ICE detection and harmful admissions, how to develop a strategy to mitigate the immigration consequences, and basic issues regarding plea bargaining and sentencing

Credit Information

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Matthew Blaisdell

Matthew Blaisdell, Esq.

Matthew Blaisdell is an attorney in Brooklyn, New York, with a full concentration in immigration law. He is the former Chair of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) National Consumer Protection and Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee and is current Chair of AILA’s Consumer Protection Rapid Response Team. He frequently writes and presents on the topic of consumer protection and immigration fraud, and he has provided testimony to several cities considering legislation to protect immigrant consumers.

He also regularly provides trainings and lectures on topics related to attorney ethics, practice management, prosecutorial discretion and advocating before various government agencies, immigration legislation and policies, constitutional issues, immigration options for youth and unaccompanied minors, LGBTQ immigration issues, immigration consequences of criminal activity, humanitarian forms of relief, and non-immigrant visas.

He received his juris doctor, as well as an LL.M in environmental law, from Pace Law School, and is a graduate of the New York City Environmental Law Leadership Institute (NYCELLI).

Joshua Paulson

Criminal Justice Act

Joshua Paulson is an experienced trial attorney specializing in federal criminal defense and immigration law. He served for four years as an Assistant Federal Public Defender in Alexandria, Virginia, and is currently a member of the federal Criminal Justice Act panel in the Southern District of New York. He is a graduate of Columbia Law School, and holds a graduate degree in Latin American Studies from Stanford University. Mr. Paulson speaks fluent Spanish and is admitted to practice law in New York, Virginia, and California. He is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the National Lawyers Guild.


Edward A.

Good program; materials will be great for reference. Thanks!

Brett S.

Very informative. Excellent.

Richard Z.

Go for 1.5 hours on an update!

Stephen E.

Blaisdell and Paulson need to allot 2 hours to this very important subject.

Jayne W.

vert interesting to see how the tow are tied together and then some times work independently. thank you

David Z.

Just great

Michael P.

well-researched and thorough

Dennis Y.

A lot of information done very well

Christopher B.

Great discussion of the material. Very helpful. Thank you!

Michael B.

Thank you.

Arthur S.

Difficult area to cover in overview, but done very well, thank you.

leigh p.


Richard S.


Jay G.

This was an excellent overview of Immigration consequences for the criminal attorney, one who does not practice immigration law on a regular basis. Both speakers were very knowledgeable, as well as able to explain the topic to non-experts.

Kichul K.


Juan A.

Well crafted

Margaret A.

Good detailed information.

Ajay S.

Thank you

Evrard D.

Great class!

Mark G.

Content was thorough and extremely relevant. Delivery was exceptional. Thank you!

John-Paul G.

great class

Bibiana A.

Loved the two attorney conversation on this complex area of immigration law.

mark s.


Tania G.

Great course!

Ivan K.

These guys were very clear and information was very useful.

Erin B.

This was a very helpful course. Very comprehensive and clear.

Julie V.

incredibly helpful

Kelly R.

This was a really helpful CLE. The presenters wee articulate and generally gave clear examples of what they were teaching.

Vida B.

Very informative. Thank you.

Dana H.

Very helpful in giving an overall sense of how to spot potential issues for further research when assisting a client

woody r.

Very informative on the subject

Joseph L.

excellent overview and discussion

Elizabeth F.

I liked the informal approach the two presenters used while using slides with a lot of information. Excellent class

Laura V.

Well explained for complicated area of practice

Sema L.

Good seminar

Claire K.

Fantastic presenter.

Todd L.

Good foundation established to aid further study.

Daniel M.

Good information

Louis D.

Very practical approach to difficult area.,

Carla R.

Fantastic overview of immigration consequences of criminal convictions

Cecil F.

Mathew Blaisdell is an excellent lecturer.His course materials are great.

Jason R.


Antoine M.

Very helpful framework presented for a very relevant topic

Amy F.


Joseph R.

The best CLE I've taken from Lawline. Substantive information I could actually use, and slides that supported the presentation.

Richard K.

The instructors were EXCELLENT!!! They were very engaging and easy to understand. They presented complex material in an understandable format. I would HIGHLY recommend this program for any criminal law practitioner.

Harrison H.

Extremely well done and informative.

Lawrence G.

Good substantive content without getting too far down into the weds.

Brandan B.

Matthew and Joshua were well prepared, had detailed slides that outlined the steps we should take in approaching the overlap of crime and immigration, and were great presenters. I wish we had more time!

Steve S.

Strong presentation. Superior written materials.

Jeffrey G.

these guys were good

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