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Immigration Concerns for LGBTQ Persons

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Produced on September 28, 2015

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Time 62 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

Course Description

LGBTQ issues have significantly affected, and are affected by, the practice of immigration. There are a number of special concerns that practitioners should be aware of when working with this population, particularly in the areas of family-based cases, clients who are detained, asylum, deferred action, and parole into the United States. In this program, immigration attorneys Matthew Blaisdell and Dorian Needham provide both an overview and a ‘nuts-and-bolts’ approach to these matters. 


Learning Objectives:

I.     Obtain a basic understanding of these areas of immigration practice 

II.    Note policy issues affecting this population 

III.   Understand ongoing problems and challenges pertaining to LGBTQ clients 

IV.   Identify case strategies 


Matthew Blaisdell

Matthew Blaisdell, Esq.

Matthew Blaisdell is an attorney in Brooklyn, New York, with a full concentration in immigration law. He is the former Chair of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) National Consumer Protection and Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee and is current Chair of AILA’s Consumer Protection Rapid Response Team. He frequently writes and presents on the topic of consumer protection and immigration fraud, and he has provided testimony to several cities considering legislation to protect immigrant consumers.

He also regularly provides trainings and lectures on topics related to attorney ethics, practice management, prosecutorial discretion and advocating before various government agencies, immigration legislation and policies, constitutional issues, immigration options for youth and unaccompanied minors, LGBTQ immigration issues, immigration consequences of criminal activity, humanitarian forms of relief, and non-immigrant visas.

He received his juris doctor, as well as an LL.M in environmental law, from Pace Law School, and is a graduate of the New York City Environmental Law Leadership Institute (NYCELLI).

Dorian Needham

Immigration Equality

Dorian works to expand and enhance Immigration Equality’s pro bono asylum project for LGBT and HIV-positive immigrants.


His experience with the project began during his years at a major law firm in New York, where he devoted his pro bono hours to direct representation of asylum-seekers referred by Immigration Equality and appearing before USCIS and in removal proceedings. This work built upon his experience as a fellow in the Protection Unit of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Representation in Japan. Dorian obtained his BA from Princeton University, as well as dual common- and civil-law degrees from McGill University, where he served as an Editor of the McGill Law Journal, Executive Editor of the McGill Journal of Law and Health, and General Coordinator of the Law Faculty’s Human Rights Working Group.


Nancy S.

Well done, clear and informative.

Lourna M.

Wonderful matter of presenting this topic, very knowledgeable presenters, excellent diction.

Clint C.

very good and will be a good resource as well.

Denise K.

I have listened to several of your courses Matthew and this was probably the best I've heard. Thank you Dorian. Compelling.

Janet Lindsay R.

Great Course.

Ruth G.

Very clearly presented.

Nancy W.

I don’t practice in this area, but was impressed with the massive amount of information presented and was happy to gain exposure to the law and practice. The presenters were phenomenally knowledgeable and positive about an area of practice that seems kind of hopeless. I appreciate their suggestions and the detail about this area of law.

Amber M. P.

We have been growing our immigration practice and this is an area we have not sufficiently considered. I'm happy to bring this back to my Firm.

Jennie K.

Great program!

Paula S.

very interesting and informative. Thank you

Linda Z.

I appreciate the relevance, conversational tone and information imparted on this important topic!

Andrew B.

Great program!

aniela s.

Thank you!

Ben S.

Very informative.

Raul S. P.


Joshua S.

Excellent work on a topic I am not familiar with.

arthur f.

2 experts with lots of data on difficulties with legal system on behalf of clients

Raymond Z.

Great Presentation. Extremely insightful. Dorian knows his stuff!

David K.

Dorian Needham is the best presenter I have heard through Lawline. Extremely knowledgeable and articulate.

Monica W.

Useful, practical information given in a clear and concise format. One of he better CLEs I've heard.

Jess S.

One of the best programs I've watched.

Roger W.

The two presenters clearly understood their subject matter and provided a readily understandable presentation on the subject that few of us encounter.

Irene I.

very timely and great information. really liked this one.

Hallie S.

This was one of the best CLE's I have watched. Very informative and relevant!

tim r.

Great wisdom and enthusiasm for the subject matter.

Julie A. B.

Valued the sources, citations and supplemental material that accompanied the presentation. Appreciated its organization and convenience in that the information was broken down by PowerPoint slide number.

Robert G.

Very informative and a good format.

William T.

Tremendous presenters. This is not my field at all, but probably the most knowledgeable presenters I have heard.

Cynthia L.

Faculty was awesome. Immigration is difficult because of the different levels of understanding but really enjoyed this program

Timothy N.

Very Informative.

Henry F. J.

very good presentation Henry

Daniel D.

Very well-prepared and well-presented course. Thank you!

Peter J.

very well presented course.

Susana F.

Great speakers/presenters and content! Worked very well together.

Elisa D.

This was an excellent presentation.

Laura V.

Excellent program, excellent speakers

Jeffrey J.


Lee C.

very relevant given recent court decisions

Tonda C.

This was excellent!

Michael L.

Good teamwork, coordination between the two speakers.

reuben c.

good job!

Robert D.

Great presentation!

Kathryn B.

This was without a doubt the best course I have taken with Lawline.

Rodney E.

Good class. Speakers were compelling.

william c.

Great presentation

Suuzen Ty A.

Fascinating discussion of important info that is not widely known. Great speakers!

Samantha G.

Great. Interesting and timely topic.

John T.

Excellent presentation

Carla R.

Heartbreaking and very relevant.

Fatima S.

Excellent presentation and full of very solid, concrete information and advice. While both presenters were great, I'd to commend Dorian Needham for his excellent command of the content (he did much of the presenting) and as an aside, he has an amazing "r

Roya M.

Very informative. You squeezed a lot of information into a short period of time without sacrificing the subject matter.

Kathleen B.

Great seminar!

Debra O.

Thorough presentation on a cutting edge area of the law.

James W.

I enjoyed it very much. An emerging issue, still, even after Windsor.

Michael O.

Really great. Matthew and Dorian's passion about what they do was palpable and their understanding of the subject matter was comprehensive. Thanks you guys!

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