Identifying, Addressing, and Preventing Elder Fraud, Exploitation, and Abuse

Production Date: March 02, 2017 Practice Areas: Elder Law Estimated Length: 5432 minutes


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Elder abuse is a rampant and rapidly growing problem throughout New York State and across the country. While it is increasingly common, elder abuse remains dramatically underreported. This presentation is designed to raise awareness and understanding of the elder abuse epidemic and assist lawyers in identifying and addressing potential elder abuse within their pool of clients and potential clients. Participants will learn about the signs, symptoms, and red flags of different types of abuse, whether physical, emotional, or financial.

Presenters Deirdre Lok and Brooke Santoro, from The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Center for Elder Abuse Prevention at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale, review the results of the latest elder abuse research and what those findings mean for practitioners. Attendees will learn how to evaluate common ethical dilemmas that arise for attorneys attempting to address elder abuse concerns. The presenters discuss potential legal remedies as well as community resources, with a focus on practical and effective methods of prevention and intervention.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the different types of elder abuse and possible criminal charges
  2. Explore how to spot the red flags and warning signs of elder abuse
  3. Improve interviewing techniques with older adult clients and victims of elder abuse
  4. Grasp the role of the attorney in elder abuse cases and possible civil remedies
Cheryl M.
Miami, FL


randal m.
Dallas, TX


Robert M.
lakeland, FL

First rate presentation regarding elderly abuse by both presenters.

Loxahatchee, FL

This was simply a great course. So critically important to prevent or discover and halt any type of abuse of an elderly. person. GREAT content. I have been an Assistant PD for almost 33 years and seen a lot) and had a mother with dementia. It's appalling how widespread a problem this is, from the landscape serviceman who knows the elderly customer can't see well & therefore doesn't remove the hedge trimmings and leaves them to rot through a mentally ill sibling who tried to steal her mother's money. AWARENESS is the first step in protecting a vulnerable person.

Linus W.
Oneida, NY

course was presented by obviously knowledgeable and enthusiastic attorneys

Ryan R.
Seattle, WA

I appreciated that the presenters have situations to look for to identify abuse.

Michael L.
Orland Park, IL

Instructors made the subject very interesting

Gerardo G.
Miami, FL

Great subject to get informed on.

Irina K.
Jacksonville Beach, FL

Loved the topic. The ladies did a great job presenting.

Lourdes G.
Miami, FL

I was very impressed with this presentation. Outside the box thinking for business possibility while providing a very necessary service for one of our most potentially disadvantaged populations. Kudos to the young ladies. Thank you for for good hearts. as someone who is beginning to age, and who cares for an elderly father, this gives me hope.

Gregory N.
Cary, NC

Provided insights lawyers generally do not have.Very Good

Dennis W.
Holton, KS

Good insight

Ruth R.
Stamford, CT

Inspiring presentation

Victoria N.
Dayton, OH

The two presenters appeared to be passionate about their trade. Very good presentation.

Matthew K.
New York, NY

Thank you. Important information, well explained.

Kristine C.
Dubuque, IA

Excellent presentation by the speakers who knew how to interact with the other to provide a wonderful learning experience.

Christopher B.
Lancaster, NY

I thought the practical experience offered by both instructors was especially effective given the subject matter.

Lynn R.
East Hampton, NY

I'm glad the program touched on guardianship; it is a last resort, but it is also a necessary element of elder law

Joseph L.
Casselberry, FL

Excellent "Cues" - things to looks for in elderly clients to help spot those being abused. Good course.

Eric P.
Dallas, TX

Well done.

James D.
Gainesville, FL

Timely, informative, practical, interesting material and excellent speakers.

Susan A.
Ridge, NY

Highly-engaging presentation!

Samuel P.
Orlando, FL

Very informative.

Gary T.
Jacksonville, FL

EXCELLENT/very informative!

Donald S.
San Angelo, TX

Well done.

Jack S.
Phoenix, AZ

Great presentation by professionals who care.

Lori F.
Atlanta, GA

Excellent presentation!!

Rita O.
Walnut, CA

Like the non-attorney speaker added to the legal speaker

James F.
Stamford, CT

Good overview of the issues of supporting elderly clients

Erika E.
Columbia, MO

The presenters were knowledgeable and provided excellent information on the topic.

Jeffery D.
Fort Mill, SC

Best CLE in a while. Practical. Organized. Informative. Relevant. Very useful to any attorney or any person who works with elderly clients. Excellent course.

Laura S.
Western Springs, IL

Both speakers were very knowledgeable and offered good practical tips