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How to Use Investigative Research Software for Case Research

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Produced on October 12, 2020

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Course Information

Time 1h 7m
Difficulty Intermediate

Course Description

The facts matter. Research is a critical part of practicing law, and although most litigators are skilled at researching caselaw, public records data is also critical in many kinds of cases. With a variety of free and paid search tools available, it is important to understand the difference between traditional legal research tools and public records or investigative data. 

This program, taught by litigator Josh Taylor and Wendy Nestrud from Tracers, a public records research software, will provide an overview of the differences in records information from different sources, examples of the kinds of investigative data attorneys can obtain, and how to use it effectively. They will also explain how to ethically use public records data for case research, including billing guidelines for invoicing clients. In addition, the presenters will perform a series of sample searches to show types of reports available and discuss examples from real cases where investigative data impacted the outcome. Finally, the program will discuss best practices for staff access management and reporting to ensure compliance with credentialing requirements for sensitive information. 

Note: This program includes a demonstration of the Tracers research software.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review different types of Legal Research 
  2. Examine use cases for Public Records in different practice areas
  3. Provide examples of different search types and reports, including people searches, comprehensive people searches, asset searches, and social media reports
  4. Maintain ethical best practices for researching public records, including a review of the credentials required, employee search access, administrative tools, billing reports and invoicing 

Credit Information

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Wendy Nestrud


Wendy, Product Specialist and Search Expert at Tracers, is an ally to both clients and partners. With extensive experience using the Tracers product, you will often find her training law firm staff to search in the most efficient way possible. She regularly delivers customized demonstrations to different law firms based on their needs. For our educational efforts, Wendy’s experience serving our legal industry is demonstrated by her passion for presenting to paralegal, lawyer and support staff audiences.

Josh Taylor


Josh Taylor is a practicing litigator based in Connecticut and the head of legal content strategy at Tracers, a trusted investigative data search software company for law firms. Previously, Josh served on the staff of The John Marshall Law School’s Writing Resource Center and as head of legal content and strategic partnerships at a nationwide legal software company. He has spoken around the country on practice management and legal writing topics.  Josh sits on the boards of directors of Beyond Legal Aid and the Chicago Fringe Opera Company. Josh writes the legal writing reminders series for Attorney at Work and on other topics pertinent to law firm tech efficiency.

Bar Admissions: 


U.S. District Court (Connecticut)


Brian M.

Demo was very helpful

Jackie H.

Good update to technology software for use in both legal and business world. Also, for know your client issues.

Carla K.

Great Wendy

Justin R.

Felt more like an ad than a full-on CLE

John H.

I was expecting that the course would focus on free means of research via the web. I wasn't expecting it to focus on a specific paid service.

George J.

Live show slides were off sync, but presenters identified titles well-enough to find the relevant topics.

Kathleen D.


Kathryn A.

didn't even know this was a thing. Thank you

Olga A.

great resource

Michael D.

very good source of tracking data.

Scott R.


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