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How to Take Effective Remote Video Depositions

1h 11m

Created on August 02, 2023





While much of the world stood still during the COVID-19 crisis, some innovative litigators used technology to continue working up their cases, and remote video depositions soon became an invaluable tool. Once the curfews were lifted and society reopened, many litigators continued taking depositions remotely because of how effective and cost-efficient they can be if done properly.

This program covers the specific steps that you should take to ensure that your remote video depositions are as effective and cost-efficient as possible. The presenters, Mihai Vrasmasu and Katherine Mastrucci, discuss numerous practical tips and strategies for scheduling, preparing for, and taking remote video depositions.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify and avoid common remote video deposition pitfalls

  2. Prepare for remote video depositions

  3. Take remote video depositions effectively and efficiently

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