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How to Start and Grow an IP Practice


Created on November 29, 2016




Intellectual property is booming. From global corporations to small businesses, from artisan cupcakes to biotechnology, an increasing amount of IP is being created and protected every day. With more than 50 million active IP filings and millions more being filed every year, this is a great time to create or expand an IP practice.

In this course, Alt Legal Founder and CEO Nehal Madhani discusses the fundamentals of intellectual property, how to identify a niche within IP for your practice, general practice requirements, ethical obligations, and potential pitfalls for IP attorneys. He also discusses how to use technology in an IP practice to gain a competitive advantage.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Define the basic principles of trademark, copyright, and patent law
  2. Identify methods for creating a niche IP practice
  3. Build an IP network utilizing social media and organizations
  4. Understand ethical obligations and pitfalls, including the dangers of administrative errors and the duty of technological competence
  5. Discuss the tools needed for an IP practice, including malpractice insurance, docketing systems, practice management, and intake software, and how to identify the best ones

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