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How to Meet Your Affirmative Duty of Protecting Attorney Client Privilege in a Work From Home Environment

1h 4m

Created on May 14, 2021





Working from home is particularly complicated for lawyers. While we navigate many of the same difficulties as other professionals, such as managing staff remotely, we are also subject to additional complications, such as ensuring attorney-client privilege––a cornerstone of the American legal system.

How do we ensure that that clients can be completely open and honest about their legal situation and prevent disclosure of communications related to legal advice when we are outside of our office? Which communications and interactions do we need to be concerned about while working from home or from other unusual or awkward settings? And how can we ensure other attorneys and staff are meeting these requirements when working from different locations?

This program, taught by Keith Lee and Matthew Blaisdell, will help attorneys identify the weaknesses in their work from home systems with regards to the attorney-client privilege, and make sure they are protecting client information and staying ethical while working remotely. 

Learning objectives:

  1. Review the rules regarding confidentiality and privilege, as well as those for non-lawyer assistance, supervision, and technological competence

  2. Anticipate related liabilities as they may arise when attorneys and/or staff are working remotely

  3. Explore tools and measures for implementing safeguards for your client communications

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