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How to Mediate A Class Action Lawsuit

1h 7m

Created on January 14, 2020




This program, taught by Deborah Renner, the Principal at Renner Law PLLC, focuses on the why, when, and how to mediate a class action settlement successfully. Unlike individual settlements, class action settlements require judicial approval. Mediating a settlement with a third party neutral often can provide the parties with a preview of the issues a court may consider in approving a settlement. In addition, approaching a court with a mediated settlement may provide the court with some preliminary assurance that a fair settlement was reached. This course will provide practical advice on preparing for a class action mediation and examine common issues in class settlements.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Discuss when - and why - it may be appropriate to mediate a class action
  2. Prepare for mediation
  3. Review the types of class settlements
  4. Determine attorneys' fees
  5. Identify when a cy pres award makes sense for your client

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