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How to Launch an Employment Discrimination, Harassment, Diversity/Inclusion Initiative on A Global Scale

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Produced on March 05, 2020

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Time 1h 5m
Difficulty Intermediate

Course Description

The global #MeToo movement, the “woke” focus on diversity/inclusion, as well as other business, humanitarian and corporate social responsibility drivers all compel multinationals to equalize employment opportunities across their workforces worldwide. But the EEO tools American multinationals originally developed in the atypical and rarified environment of U.S. discrimination, harassment, and diversity laws do not necessarily work well abroad, without significant modification. Consider affinity groups, as just one example.

Any multinational launching cross-jurisdictional work rules, international HR policies, global code of conduct provisions, cross-border compliance standards, multi-country training modules, or other border-crossing initiatives to address workplace discrimination, harassment, affirmative action or diversity, and inclusion should adapt these offerings strategically to account for the special context of the global workforce. Equal employment opportunity plays a much bigger role in U.S. human resources administration, and U.S. employment law compliance than in perhaps any other country. As a result, U.S.-headquartered multinationals often place more emphasis on EEO issues than do multinationals based elsewhere.

This fast-paced session, presented by Donald C. Dowling of Littler P.C., offers strategy tips, good practices, and international legal analysis, to equip a multinational headquarters launching (or improving) international HR initiatives on anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, and affirmative action/diversity/inclusion. This program is well-suited for any labor and employment attorney who advises multinational corporations.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore why staking out a “zero tolerance” or “#MeToo-compliant” stand against illegal workplace discrimination and harassment can be very different in foreign cultural environments
  2. Determine to what extent a “one size fits all” global approach to discrimination/harassment/diversity/inclusion is (and is not) possible
  3. Identify how to address the special challenges in exporting U.S.-crafted strategies for age discrimination, disability discrimination, and equal pay 
  4. Discuss considerations when updating global discrimination/harassment initiatives that were crafted before #MeToo and recent diversity/inclusion initiatives 

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Donald C. Dowling has extensive experience advising U.S.-based companies on outbound international labor and employment laws. Don provides counsel on a wide variety of global employment law matters, including codes of conduct and HR policies that guide operations in multiple jurisdictions, international compensation and benefits issues, whistleblower hotlines, and cross-border internal investigations and HR compliance audits. He regularly advises clients on employment matters that arise with international restructurings, reductions in force, mergers, acquisitions, and outsourcing. Additionally, Don helps clients properly engage independent contractors overseas, manage expatriate programs, and develop employment agreements and employee handbooks.

Earlier in his career, Don served as in-house international employment counsel for a Fortune 500 company in Paris and as an employment law consultant for a global consulting firm. He has delivered hundreds of presentations on international employment law issues in English and Spanish in countries around the world, and regularly publishes articles and teaches courses on a variety of global employment law topics.


The A.

The presenter was extremely knowledgeable. I felt that the course should have been longer as there was a lot of information to cover.

Darlene D.

Excellent materials.

Amanda C.

good presenter

Jean M.

Speaker was great and was able to speak so fast but so clearly!

Chantal J.

Good primer.

Debbie Ann R.

Excellent course, and the instructor was very knowledgeable about employment discrimination. I really loved this course. I was raised in Chicago, Illinois, and I loved the comparison stories he noted regarding the White Sox fans on the Southside of Chicago, and the Cubs on the Northside of Chicago.

Caroline B.

This was really an excellent overview of a complex topic. Love the presenter, he has a sense of humor and is very knowledgeable.

Carol M.

Please add more Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion courses. This is an immediate and relevant topic. Thank you.

Kristy P.

This speaker was informative and pleasant to listen to.

Maureen D.

Exceptional supplemental materials provided

Kimberly C.

Would love more on this topic! Great presenter.

Anthony M.

Very informative.

Edward K.

Never considered these before. Nice presentation!

Latia W.

Mr. Downing was well-prepared and included informative information on starting diversity and inclusion groups in the workplace.

Shannon S.


Craig H.


Julie A. B.

This program is well-suited for any labor and employment attorney who advises multinational corporations.

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