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How to Fight A New York City Traffic Ticket (Update)


Created on November 30, 2020





Fighting a traffic ticket in New York City is very different from doing so elsewhere in New York. Specifically, violations of New York's Vehicle and Traffic Law are adjudicated at the Traffic Violations Bureau, an administrative agency run by the Department of Motor Vehicles. 

In this session, attorney Matthew Weiss explains the unique workings of the Traffic Violations Bureau as well as various laws relating to maintaining one's privilege to drive in New York. Attorneys will leave with a better understanding of the various vehicle and traffic laws, how to fight such cases, and the DMV point system.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Know when and why to fight a NYC traffic ticket
  2. Analyze the DMV point system
  3. Review a ticket for deficiencies
  4. Explore TVB hearing and cross examination strategies

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