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How to Ethically Grow & Sustain Your Law Practice


Created on April 30, 2021





The business of law can be fraught with ethical considerations, especially for solos and small law firms with fewer support needs. One of the major issues in expanding is the question of staffing - are you hiring new associates, outsourcing to freelance attorneys, or creating Of Counsel relationships? With any of these options, new ethical considerations come into play. 

Presented by Erin Giglia, co-owner and founder of Montage Legal Group, this program will help attorneys identify and avoid some of the common missteps when growing a small law practice, and explore ethical ways to expand. The course will benefit solo practitioners and small law firms interested in scaling their business. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the most common ethical issues that arise when working growing a law practice
  2. Explore different options to grow your firm, including hiring, Of Counsel relationships, contract attorney relationships, and referral partnerships
  3. Discuss best practices and ethical disclosure obligations to your clients, including hypotheticals

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