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How to Engage a “Floating Employee” to Work Remotely from a Foreign Country

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Produced on May 12, 2020

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Time 1h
Difficulty Intermediate

Course Description

An international telecommuter―someone working remotely from overseas, in a country other than that of the employer―poses special problems beyond the basic logistics issues inherent with local telecommuters. Indeed, setting up someone to work remotely in a foreign country where the employer does not issue payroll is an awkward structure outside what employment law presumes (employment laws worldwide assume a “master” employs and pays a “servant” both in the same jurisdiction, presumably in the same workplace). These challenges can make a proposed international telecommuting arrangement not worth the cost and effort. Often, they cause these arrangements to fail. Sometimes, they spark expensive international lawsuits.

This fast-paced session, presented by Donald Dowling of Littler Mendelson P.C., sets out the various international telecommuting contexts and scenarios. Then it works through a checklist of the issues to account for in structuring a cross-border or transnational telecommuting arrangement―and the five different ways possible to structure them.

Who Should Attend: 

  • In-house compliance and employment lawyers

  • HR professionals at multinationals involved in cross-border HR

  • Managers/Supervisors with subordinates in foreign countries

  • Global mobility professionals including those involved in outbound expatriation

Learning Objectives:

  1. Become familiar with different international telecommuting contexts and scenarios

  2. Develop a checklist of issues for structuring an international telecommuting arrangement

  3. Examine the five possible ways to structure these arrangements ― and the pros and cons of each

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Donald C. Dowling has extensive experience advising U.S.-based companies on outbound international labor and employment laws. Don provides counsel on a wide variety of global employment law matters, including codes of conduct and HR policies that guide operations in multiple jurisdictions, international compensation and benefits issues, whistleblower hotlines, and cross-border internal investigations and HR compliance audits. He regularly advises clients on employment matters that arise with international restructurings, reductions in force, mergers, acquisitions, and outsourcing. Additionally, Don helps clients properly engage independent contractors overseas, manage expatriate programs, and develop employment agreements and employee handbooks.

Earlier in his career, Don served as in-house international employment counsel for a Fortune 500 company in Paris and as an employment law consultant for a global consulting firm. He has delivered hundreds of presentations on international employment law issues in English and Spanish in countries around the world, and regularly publishes articles and teaches courses on a variety of global employment law topics.


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Excellent topic for anyone working or dealing with working across borders for any reason.

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