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How to Effectively Draft an Employee Handbook in Illinois


Created on June 20, 2019




An employee handbook is an overview of the policies and procedures of a business, and ideally reflects the culture of that business. A handbook  establishes the business' relationship with the employee and is the company's chance to lay a foundation for a positive workplace environment. With ever-changing workplace laws, businesses have a responsibility to protect their employees' rights and stay at the forefront of legal change and development. A good employee handbook outlines what the business expects from its workers and the business's responsibilities to its employees. This program will provide an engaging discussion on how to create an employee handbook that establishes a strong business foundation, maintains a healthy workplace environment, and limits the risk of liability.

This course is taught by Kristen Prinz, the founder and managing partner of The Prinz Law Firm. She is an employment attorney and business counselor who understands that employees are invaluable assets to the companies they work for.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Determine which businesses should have employee handbooks
  2. Identify what policies must be included
  3. Develop policies that will reduce liability
  4. Use policies that will cultivate workplace culture
  5. Apply best practices of employees training on handbook policies

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