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How to Conduct Thorough and Effective Workplace Investigations

1h 1m

Created on November 29, 2021





This program offers a unique perspective on the skills and best practices needed for conducting comprehensive workplace investigations that yield results companies rely on when making important business or employment decisions. This CLE will answer all the basic questions attorneys and investigators might have: what constitutes a complaint, when to investigate, who should investigate, and how to investigate. It also addresses issues of confidentiality, provides tools to better determine witness credibility, and underscores the necessity of unpacking one's own biases prior to undertaking an investigation. This CLE will benefit in-house and general counsel, third-party attorneys who regularly conduct investigations, HR personnel, and anyone else involved in determining who did what at work.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Discuss what constitutes a workplace complaint worth investigating

  2. Identify the necessary steps involved in conducting an investigation and be able to form an actionable investigation plan

  3. Sharpen your skills in determining witness credibility and gain awareness of why things might not be as they seem

  4. Unpack one's own biases prior to investigating a complaint

  5. Feel comfortable communicating findings to a company and recommending action steps

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