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How to Conduct an Effective Remote Video Deposition

1h 2m

Created on June 19, 2020




As the COVID pandemic has forced attorneys and court systems nationwide to begin operating remotely for the first time, some of the major questions attorneys are asking are "How can I effectively conduct depositions using video conferencing?" and "Why didn't we start doing this sooner?" This program, taught by Cory H. Morris, a civil rights and criminal defense attorney, will help attorneys adapt their deposition techniques to a videoconferencing setup. The course will discuss the ethical issues raised by video depositions, best practices in noticing video depositions and abiding by your local court rules, preparing your witness, taking breaks, interacting with opposing counsel, introducing exhibits, and avoiding cybersecurity pitfalls. The course will also cover precautions you should take if you are the "host" of the video deposition. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify best practices and common problems attorneys will encounter when taking video depositions
  2. Abide by courtesy and civility to your opposing counsel, witnesses, court reporters, and other personnel
  3. Effectively and ethically conduct video depositions to support your case

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