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How to Conduct a Comprehensive Client Consultation & Intake for Your Family Law Client

1h 30m

Created on March 01, 2018



This fun and interactive course will go through what questions to ask, what answers to give, and how to issue spot and strategize with a prospective client through a mock client consultation. A client consultation is an attorney’s chance to set him or herself apart from other attorneys to not only win the client, but also gathering the information an attorney needs to strategize and effectively represent the individual. Family Law issues are often emotionally charged and this course will address issues related to divorce, custody, child, support, spousal support, equitable distribution, as well as the practical advice and candor required when representing parties in these sensitive areas.  

This course, presented by family law practitioner Alissa Van Horn, is designed to provide you with the skills to land the client, spot the issues, formulate a strategy with the client and allay many of the client’s fears and concerns from an emotional and practical standpoint by providing you with a front row seat in a client consultation.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss how to offer a complete and comprehensive consultation
  2. Discern the correct questions to ask in order to gather necessary information while simultaneously redirecting the potential client’s emotions, and still remaining sensitive to the person’s needs and fragile emotional state
  3. Gain an overview of all of the potential issues involved in these sensitive matters
  4. Develop strategies to successfully handle the emotional side of the client, while keeping him or her focused on the legal issues at hand

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