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How Companies Should be Addressing Insider Cyber Threats

1h 2m

Created on August 29, 2017




As companies have poured resources into their network defenses against distant hackers, they often neglect the equal threat posed by those within their network walls-employees who already have privileged access to proprietary systems and whose activity often goes undetected by security systems designed to identify outside attackers. The insider threat not only requires a different security posture, but also raises a host of unique issues when it comes to incident response.

This panel, including attorneys William Ridgeway and Doug Nemec, will walk through an incident response scenario and discuss best practices for mitigating damage and reducing legal exposure from an insider attack.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Prepare for and protect against insiders
  2. Identify ethical considerations before, during and after an insider breach
  3. Establish best practices for conducting an investigation
  4. Recognize post-breach responsibilities for disclosure, including an overview of enforcement considerations
  5. Manage expectations of what might happen during litigation

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