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Hot Topics in Food Litigation (Update)

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Created on May 10, 2021





The amount of litigation in the United States regarding food has increased exponentially since this program was last offered in 2017. Cases range from those challenging the labeling and marketing of food to those challenging the very ingredients in the food itself such as sugar, refined flour, and vanilla. Often, these cases are brought as class actions in federal court and are highly complex and challenging to litigate. Many results in multi-million dollar settlements with significant injunctive relief as well.

Successfully litigating a food law case often involves an in-depth knowledge of class action law, Food and Drug Administration regulations, and many other areas of law.

This course is presented by experienced practitioners on both the plaintiff and defense sides. On the plaintiffs' side is Michael Reese, a class action practitioner who has litigated dozens of food cases on behalf of consumers in the past twenty years and who teaches class action and food law at Brooklyn Law School. On the defense side is David Biderman, head of the food law class action practice at Perkins Coie LLP and an adjunct professor at UCLA law school where he teaches food law. Presenters Reese and Biderman will review the current state of food law including recent class action decisions that pertain to food law, the FDA and USDA's role in food law litigation, and recent trends in the type of claims and cases brought. They will offer practical guidance on how to litigate a food law case.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Examine the trends of claims and causes of action regarding food

  2. Grasp relevant federal and state laws and regulatory activity

  3. Assess how these laws apply to the marketing and labeling of food

  4. Provide practical guidance to reduce legal risk 

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