Hot Topics in California Landlord-Tenant Law (Audio-Only)

Production Date: December 05, 2017 Practice Areas: Real Estate Estimated Length: 3680 minutes


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This program, taught by Anna Liu and Lan Fullerton, experienced Landlord-Tenant litigators in San Francisco, will discuss three hot topics in Landlord-Tenant law: Ensuring compliance with emerging rent and eviction control laws, short term rentals, and the impact on residential leases of the legalization of recreational marijuana use.

As California’s housing crisis continues, more and more cities are adopting eviction and rent control measures in an effort to maintain affordability and prevent displacement of its residents. Attorneys practicing in real estate and landlord-tenant law must be familiar with these regulations. The course will discuss what cities have adopted rent or eviction control, and the commonalities and differences between those respective regulations.

Relatedly, the rise of AirBNB, VRBO, and other online rental hosting platforms has created entirely new legal issues. Many homeowners and tenants are turning to short-term rental platforms to supplement their income and offset housing costs, and many cities have started to regulate this activity. This course discusses short-term rental basics, common problems, and offers practical guidance in homesharer compliance or stopping tenant homesharing activities.

Finally, after the passage of Prop. 64, your clients may be wondering what their rights are related to recreational use and cultivation of marijuana at a rental unit. This course provides an overview of that law, and its potential impact on residential tenancies.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify and assess new laws related to rent/eviction control, short-term rentals, and recreational marijuana use
  2. Discuss the obligations these new laws impose on landlords and tenants
  3. Review common issues and practical solutions related to recent developments in landlord-tenant law

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