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Healthcare Compliance for Pharmaceutical and Device Manufacturers

1h 4m

Created on June 22, 2020




This program, presented by healthcare attorney Hillary Stemple, will provide an overview of the health care compliance considerations applicable to pharmaceutical and device manufacturers. 

The program will include (1) an overview of compliance program basics, including the OIG's 7 elements of an effective compliance program; (2) an overview of the healthcare laws applicable to manufacturers, including state-specific laws; (3) a discussion of high-risk areas applicable to manufacturers and how manufacturers can avoid falling into such compliance traps; and (4) a discussion of resources and guidance available to manufacturers to help avoid compliance pitfalls.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the basic requirements for an effective compliance program

  2. Identify both federal and state health care laws governing pharmaceutical and device manufacturers and the implications of non-compliance with these laws

  3. Determine high-risk areas for manufacturers and how these risk areas can be addressed by an effective compliance program

  4. Explore resources and guidance available for manufacturers in order to help guide their interactions with healthcare professionals and avoid compliance pitfalls

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