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Handling Insurance Claims Resulting from Snow & Ice Damage


Created on July 19, 2017




This course addresses the handling of property damage and personal injury claims resulting from snow, ice and other weather-related events, with a special focus on remedies for property damage related claims and shifting liability to the insured and/or other parties, as well as a discussion on calculating damages.

The program is taught by Florina Altshiler, the managing partner of Russo & Toner's Buffalo office. Following course completion, attorneys will be able to identify different types of property damage, better prepare for depositions and examinations under oath (EUO), understand auto and homeowner's policy limitations, the applicability of additional living expenses (ALE) calculations, and remedies under the Broad Evidence Rule. 

Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify different types of property damage
  2. Address winter preparation and causation issues during deposition and EUO preparation
  3. Understand key insurance coverage and potential disclaimer issues

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