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Handling Family Offense Proceedings in NYS: From Intake to Fact-Finding


Created on October 30, 2020





This program will cover the nuts and bolts of an NYS Family Court Family Offense case, from the moment of doing client intake, through requesting through interim orders and ending with the final fact-finding hearing at which you will have to prove your client's case to secure a final order of protection.

This program will benefit Family Law practitioners in New York State.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the appropriate cases in which Family Offense petitions can be filed
  2. Develop necessary skills to prepare a compelling petition and enable your client to secure a temporary order of protection at the first appearance
  3. Discover what documents and evidence are vital to secure before the fact-finding hearing
  4. Use proven trial techniques to maximize your client's chances of securing a final order of protection after fact-finding

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