Handling Drug Cases in Virginia

Production Date: October 16, 2017 Practice Areas: Criminal Law, Litigation, and Public Interest Law Estimated Length: 3861 minutes


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One of the most common criminal charges in Virginia is drug possession and distribution. This is an introductory course for criminal practitioners in Virginia, laying out a guideline for approaching drug cases.

This program, presented by Virginia criminal law attorney Bradley Henson, focuses on criminal procedure in both the General District Court and Circuit Court, how to spot common legal issues, and developing winning strategies for your clients.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Analyze the procedural framework of a typical drug case in Virginia, from arraignment through pretrial motions, preliminary hearing, and plea or trial
  2. Understand the various statutory deferred disposition programs available in drug cases and their effect on your client’s criminal record
  3. Identify common legal defenses that arise in drug possession and distribution cases and how to assert them
  4. Build a strategy starting from the initial client meeting to achieve the best possible result for your client

Antoine M.
frederick, MD

Good boilerplate strategies in criminal defense

Julie B.
Roanoke, VA


Derek P.
Fairfax, VA

Great presentation. The best I've seen this CLE season -- seriously.

Bruce P.
Blacksburg, VA

Good for someone with no experience at all in drug cases, but very basic.

Cathleen W.
Vienna, VA

Good intro class. Could even have another, longer session.

john t.
Richmond, VA

Great general overview of basic drug case issues and responsibilities.

Lawrence J.
Amherst, VA

well done

Nicholas S.
Arlington, VA

Excellent and Informative course

Austin, TX

Great overview course