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Handling Common Traffic Offenses In The New Jersey Municipal Courts

1h 17m

Created on October 08, 2019




Regardless of your type of practice it is likely that at some point in your career you will be asked by either your firm, a family member, or a friend to appear in a municipal court to represent someone in a matter involving either a traffic ticket, a moving violation, or a drug offense. Unfortunately, many people, and even practitioners, sometimes underestimate the difficulties and challenges that one can encounter in a municipal court and although there are many routine cases which are handled on any given day in these courts, there clearly are unexpected difficulties and complications that can arise and, sometimes to the surprise of the citizen or practitioner, there are significant consequences that can be imposed such as suspension of one's drivers' license or even imprisonment. Therefore, before you appear in a municipal court, it is important that you have a basic understanding of how these courts work and what types of issues you might encounter. In this course, we will discuss this and more.  

This course is presented by Ken Biedzynski, Esq., who will review legal issues relating to the above topics and also provide and discuss applicable forms that practitioners will need to use to achieve their objectives.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the types of cases constitute "routine" matters in a municipal court
  2. Examine the procedures that an attorney should follow or be aware of when appearing in a municipal court and how these procedures differ from court to court
  3. Discuss key discovery issues and top tips for motion practice
  4. Develop an effective trial strategy and explore how to handle appeals

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