Gun Rights Restoration: A Federal and State Review

Production Date: December 05, 2016 Practice Areas: Criminal Law and Constitutional Law Estimated Length: 3635 minutes


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When a client has been convicted of a felony, or certain misdemeanors, then they are generally prohibited under both federal and state law from purchasing, possessing, or transporting firearms. Under certain circumstances, a person suffering under such disabilities may seek to have his or her rights restored. However, this area of law is a complex blend of both state and federal law and the legal practitioner must ensure that they structure any restoration so that it removes both the federal and state prohibition. They must also instruct their client on the limitations of any resulting restoration.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the limited options that are available to those with a federal conviction
  2. Understand the unique issues involved when the client has a misdemeanor conviction for domestic violence, including a review of recent Supreme Court cases
  3. Explore the specific concerns involved when the client has multiple felonies in different states
  4. Comprehend the differing approaches taken by the states
  5. Navigate issues you must discuss with your client following a successful restoration
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The practitioner has practical suggestions for implementing the subject rights restoration directly into the daily law practice.

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