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Government Contracts Law and Real Estate: The Regulatory Landscape

1h 30m

Created on July 16, 2018




Real estate transactions and property management can be challenging enough with a traditional tenant. But when you add an additional layer of regulatory rules, real estate transactions and property management can become incredibly complex. This is the legal landscape that landlords, developers, and property managers have to work with when the Federal Government is a tenant or a customer. Unfortunately for the parties involved, government contracts laws and regulations were written with supplies and services in mind, and the rules are often a poor fit for real estate transactions.

This program, presented by Gordon Griffin of Holland & Knight LLP, will provide an overview of the regulatory landscape for federal real estate, to include a discussion of the applicable laws and regulations governing federal real estate. The program will also provide an analysis of how certain government contracts rules have been interpreted to apply to real estate, and will highlight best practices from a government contracts compliance perspective.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Examine the government contracts rules that govern and apply to real estate transaction and management
  2. Highlight several areas that have proven problematic in the procurement and administration of government real estate
  3. Analyze the special requirements for real estate purchase and sale when federal tenants are involved

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