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Government Claims and Default Terminations: The Other Side of the Coin

1h 30m

Created on October 19, 2016



Join attorneys W. Barron A. Avery and Katherine John as they lay out key dispute resolution techniques and strategies in confronting federal government claims against contractors and terminations for default issued on federal government contracts.

Mr. Avery and Ms. John explain why contractors are seeing an increase in government claims and default terminations, the context in which such claims and terminations arise, and how contractors can avoid and minimize the risk of such claims and terminations. They also lay out the procedural mechanisms that result in claims and terminations, and how contractors should respond when adverse action is taken against the contractor. Mr. Avery and Ms. John conclude with an explanation of how contractors can minimize and even eliminate liability arising from a government claim and default terminations.  


Learning Objectives:

I.     Understand the landscape driving the increase in government claims and default terminations

II.    Understand the context in which government claims are asserted against contractors, why contracts are terminated for default, and what contractors can do to avoid claims and terminations

III.   Understand the procedural mechanisms and timeline for how and when government claims and default terminations are issued

IV.   Understand how contractors should respond to government claims and default terminations, including how contractors can take advantage of procedural mechanisms to reverse detrimental government action

V.    Identify strategies for minimizing or even eliminating liability from government claims and terminations

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