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Get Excited for Employee Handbooks and Use Them to Enhance a Client's Legal Position (Update)


Created on May 29, 2020




When you think about office manuals, do you roll your eyes thinking no one reads them until they terminate employment? Be honest, you're probably already bored just thinking about it! The poor overlooked office manual – getting no attention until it is too late. Let's face it – lawyers don't take enough time drafting them, clients don't spend enough time reviewing them and fail to timely update them, and employees only glance at them when disgruntled or terminating their employment.

Join Rania V. Sedhom, Founding Member of Sedhom Law Group, PLLC, A Bespoke Law Firm, as she discusses office manual use and preparation, and provides an analysis of their legal value and importance. Here, she takes a deep dive and decodes why office manual preparation should go from routine to enthusiastic!

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the importance of creating an employee handbook
  2. Grasp basic provisions that should be included and topics that should, instead, be in a supplement
  3. Identify the critical components of a meaningful employee handbook and how to make interim, temporary changes to policies
  4. Recognize employee relations issues and the employee handbook as a reference manual

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