Gestational Surrogacy: Navigating the Legal & Ethical Minefield: 2016 Update

Production Date: August 22, 2016 Practice Areas: Family & Matrimonial Law and Health Care Law Estimated Length: 5400 minutes


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Using a gestational carrier is an emotionally intense and legally complex arrangement that involves having another woman carry and deliver a child for another couple. It's officially legal in only a handful of states. The process in all can require vast amounts of time, money, and patience to succeed. Join attorney Melissa Brisman as she discusses the intricacies of gestational surrogacy. She begins by discussing the legal and ethical issues that can arise, and then analyze common pitfalls and risks of gestational surrogacy in the United States.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand what gestational surrogacy is
  2. Understand the legal and ethical issues with gestational surrogacy
  3. Be able to spot common pitfalls concerning gestational surrogacy
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