General Principles of E&O Insurance

Production Date: June 06, 2016 Practice Areas: Insurance Law Estimated Length: 3757 minutes


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Attorneys encounter Errors & Omissions Insurance (“E&O”) (also sometimes called Professional Liability Insurance in America and Professional Indemnity in the U.K. and Europe) in many aspects of their daily practice. Defense attorneys may get their bills paid through their client’s E&O coverage. Plaintiffs’ attorneys may get their client’s settlements and judgments paid through the defendant’s E&O coverage. M&A lawyers may need to review E&O coverage as part of the due diligence process when vetting a takeover target. Other corporate attorneys may need to review the adequacy of a third party’s E&O coverage when entering into a business arrangement or making a loan. And, of course, every attorney working at a law firm needs E&O coverage to provide protection against client claims of negligence. Even in-house attorneys can be covered under Employed Lawyers E&O insurance. In short, E&O is everywhere.


This course, presented by a 26-year veteran of the professional lines insurance industry and author of two insurance books, focuses on some of the most important aspects of E&O insurance: how it works, what it covers, what it doesn’t cover and how it can be amended to broaden coverage for your client or your law firm.      


Learning Objectives:

I.     Identify types of E&O policies and their purposes

II.    Learn the basic components of an E&O policy

III.   Discover how you can amend E&O policies to broaden coverage

IV.   Hear strategies to help you settle cases involving E&O insurance

Cynthia Coulter M.
Monrovia, CA

I'm in the insurance industry. This is an excellent presentation.

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Very informative

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Very concise explanation of difficult area.

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This was the best class I have taken with Lawline.

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Great presenter

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New York, NY

great job by Mr. Goanos

Julie A. B.
Hiles, WI

Speaker animates a dry topic.

Richard P.
George Town, na

Would welcome more courses on E&O and D&O insurance. Found the speaker to be very concise and clear in his explanations.

Maria M.
Farmington, MI

Excellent! Very knowledgeable. The best seminars on insurance E&O I've ever attended.

Larry G.
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Packed with information. Great stuff

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Another interesting session in which my knowledge went from zero-to-60 in pretty quick time. :-)