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Funding New Jersey Environmental Cleanups

1h 22m

Created on August 31, 2020





Environmental remediation is a costly endeavor. In fact, one of the largest hurdles to completing a cleanup is obtaining the necessary funding. Obtaining funding is not only of particular interest to client landowners and operators, but also the engineers who may front remediation costs and bill their client after the fact. This course will outline funding options for environmental remediation, which attorneys can navigate based on the facts and circumstances surrounding the cleanup. Potential sources of funding include state funds, insurance coverage, and litigation against other responsible parties.

Presented by Stuart J. Lieberman and Brittany DeBord, this program will aid environmental attorneys and specialists seeking to identify and recoup remediation costs on behalf of their clients.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore sources of funding for environmental remediation projects
  2. Identify funding options that are most appropriate for specific scenarios
  3. Review the process, expectations, and risks associated with an individual funding option 

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