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Fundamentals of Software & Data Rights in Government Contracts

1h 4m

Created on July 12, 2021





This course starts lifting the shroud of mystery around rights in the software and technical data under federal government contracts. The framework for this valuable intellectual property can be complex, and this course will provide the introductory concepts needed to identify issues and start building the experience and skills to address those issues creatively and in the spirit of government-contractor partnership. Both before and after contract award, the course will benefit private- and public-sector attorneys alike as they assess, negotiate, price, and possibly litigate over these rights.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the rights granted to the federal government under various types of contracts
  2. Apply these rights to the software and technical data in practice
  3. Define key terms of art, such as "development," which are important to applying and protecting these rights

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