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Frequently Debated First Property Insurance Issues: Your Questions Explained

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Produced on May 22, 2018

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Course Information

Time 1h 3m
Difficulty Intermediate
Topics covered in this course: Insurance

Course Description

Property insurance coverage is changing for homeowners. Join Nicole C. Vinson and Jason M. Cieri for a discussion of the emerging legal landscape of first party property insurance coverage.

Listen in on how courts are ruling on some of the hot topics in the world of residential property insurance coverage. The frequent debates surrounding coverage for residential homeowner losses are reviewed by looking at the language of the policies, the arguments by insurers, the relief requested by policyholders, and the interpretation by the courts. This course provides an overview of not only the insurable interest requirement, but also what issues are being raised when the property’s status as the insured’s residence changes. Learn about issues of coverage disputes regarding occupancy and vacancy. Further, when coverage is in question, hear how the courts are dealing with limitations or arguments of wear and tear, repeated damage, or long-term problems that the carriers allege are excluded. This course also gives you a preview of exclusions and limitations that are being added in some insurance policies that will change the residential insurance coverage.   

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore the issues of coverage that are often debated in a residential insurance claim regarding the cause of the damage and the condition of the property
  2. Provide a general overview of the coverage issues that arise regarding insurable interest, and explore the key legal precedent that has shaped the law on insurable interest
  3. Gain insight into the legal arguments raised to limit or void coverage in a residential insurance policy. The exclusions and limitations will be looked at from court opinions that have weighed in on the application across many states
  4. Preview some of the latest insurance form exclusions that are being added to insurance policies
  5. Examine the obligations of the insured and the insurer under the residential insurance policy

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Nicole Vinson

Merlin Law Group

As a 6th generation attorney, Nicole Vinson prides herself on always taking the extra time needed to really focus on the details of her clients and their claims, in order to provide a strategic and detail-orientated approach to expedite the claim and the litigation.


Ms. Vinson handles claims caused by windstorm, hurricane, hail, sinkhole, fire, smoke, water damage and flood, freeze damage, collapse, theft, and vandalism. Ms. Vinson has also helped policyholders recover benefits for life insurance claims, business income losses, extra expense coverage claims, and matters of unfair claims handling and bad faith.


Ms. Vinson is extremely proud of each person and business that she has represented, and feels a great sense of gratitude for the ability to assist her clients in getting a just result.


“I know many of my clients would have eventually thrown in the towel if they had to face the carriers alone. This is an area of the law where you know you are truly helping someone receive something that was promised to them under an agreement. While the work we do is based on a contract, the material that is at stake is very important—it is someone’s home or business. Next to family, our clients’ most important assets have been compromised, and the depth of what it is like to lose your home to a fire or your business to hurricane is personal. My clients purchased insurance and contemplated that, should something bad happen, they would be covered and paid. Now, they have lost what is precious to them and are not receiving the assistance and the response from the insurance company that they deserve. Insurance companies shouldn’t judge people but they do, and often people are judged harshly by insurance companies and don’t receive their benefits. It is my job to show the breach of the promise and the improper actions of the insurance company…the result is very rewarding, my clients often get their lives back.”


Since June 2010, Ms. Vinson has posted a Saturday blog on the Property Insurance Coverage Law Blog on breaking news and fresh insurance and adjusting topics. Ms. Vinson frequently meets with representatives and political leaders about property insurance rates, laws and proposed changes. She has testified to the legislature on topics related to property insurance, sinkholes and the protection of policyholder rights.


As you can see, Ms. Vinson is truly passionate about her advocacy for her clients and Merlin Law Group is very fortunate to have such a hardworking, dedicated, and energetic attorney on the team.


Nicole C. Vinson Selected as a Member of the Insurance Consumer Advocate’s Homeowner’s Policy & Claims Bill of Rights Working Group in Tallahassee.


Florida Insurance Consumer Advocate Robin Smith Westcott, appointed by Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater, brought together representatives from all aspects of the insurance claims process to launch the Homeowners’ Policy & Claims Bill of Rights Working Group in July, 2013. Nicole Vinson was invited to be a part of this group because of her work with Merlin Law Group where she represents policyholders against insurance companies for property damage claims. During the live televised meetings, Nicole was able to voice the concerns of Florida’s policyholders based on her experience and extensive knowledge of the nightmare claim situations that plague policyholders during both the insurance buying process and claims handling process endured during a loss.


Blogs on point:

Florida’s Homeowners’ Policy & Claims Bill of Rights Working Group Meets Tomorrow

Reporting Live from Tallahassee’s Policyholder’s Working Group

Consumer Advocate Meetings Continue with the Mission to Help Floridans with Insurance Problems

Update on Florida’s Homeowners Property Insurance Bill of Rights

Jason M. Cieri

Merlin Law Group

Jason M. Cieri focuses his practice of law in the area of first party property damage cases and insurance agent negligence. He is a former Hudson County Assistant Prosecutor working in the appellate, juvenile, pre-indictment court and a trial lawyer before the Honorable Judge Frederick Theemling and he will use the experience gained while working in the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office to defend those who were cheated by their insurance companies from the monies they deserve.


Jason M. Cieri, a life-long New Jersey resident, is an associate at Merlin Law Group. Prior to joining Merlin, Mr. Cieri was an assistant prosecutor in Hudson County, New Jersey where he litigated numerous criminal cases and conducted jury trials. He handled cases throughout the entire criminal process from presenting the case to the Grand Jury for indictment to plea negotiations and resolution of the matter.


Prior to his work as an assistant prosecutor, Mr. Cieri graduated from Seton Hall University School of Law and was also able to obtain his Series 6, 63 and Life Insurance licenses before to attending law school. He attended college at The Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore, Maryland. During his time at Johns Hopkins he was a student athlete, playing baseball for the top 10 ranked Blue Jays all four years of matriculation. He was named co-captain of the team his senior year and received several conference and regional awards for his work on the ball field as a student athlete. He graduated with a degree in international relations in 2003.


Kenneth G.

Nice overview of coverage issues including laws in different states

Karen M.


Scott P.

Practical discussion of basic property insurance checks that everyone needs to do.

G. Christine P.

Really like the 2 presenter format

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