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Frequently Debated First Property Insurance Issues: Your Questions Explained

1h 3m

Created on May 22, 2018



Property insurance coverage is changing for homeowners. Join Nicole C. Vinson and Jason M. Cieri for a discussion of the emerging legal landscape of first party property insurance coverage.

Listen in on how courts are ruling on some of the hot topics in the world of residential property insurance coverage. The frequent debates surrounding coverage for residential homeowner losses are reviewed by looking at the language of the policies, the arguments by insurers, the relief requested by policyholders, and the interpretation by the courts. This course provides an overview of not only the insurable interest requirement, but also what issues are being raised when the property's status as the insured's residence changes. Learn about issues of coverage disputes regarding occupancy and vacancy. Further, when coverage is in question, hear how the courts are dealing with limitations or arguments of wear and tear, repeated damage, or long-term problems that the carriers allege are excluded. This course also gives you a preview of exclusions and limitations that are being added in some insurance policies that will change the residential insurance coverage.   

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore the issues of coverage that are often debated in a residential insurance claim regarding the cause of the damage and the condition of the property
  2. Provide a general overview of the coverage issues that arise regarding insurable interest, and explore the key legal precedent that has shaped the law on insurable interest
  3. Gain insight into the legal arguments raised to limit or void coverage in a residential insurance policy. The exclusions and limitations will be looked at from court opinions that have weighed in on the application across many states
  4. Preview some of the latest insurance form exclusions that are being added to insurance policies
  5. Examine the obligations of the insured and the insurer under the residential insurance policy

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